Let Pharmacy POS Do the Heavy Lifting In Your Pharmacy


pharmacy pos heavy lifting

This weekend was moving day for my family. After carefully packing, and organizing the day in my head 100 times, I felt like we were ready to go. But as soon as I dropped the kids off with my parents and headed back to get started, feelings of excitement turned to dread. I could already feel my muscles screaming and my fingers cramping up. I was also desperately trying to remember what box I packed the Ibuprofen in.

My spouse and I started packing the truck as a two person team. Boxes were easy enough, a hand truck did the trick nicely and made short work of the stack. But then it came to furniture. After one precarious trip with the top of our dining room table, I was ready to just leave everything behind and live out of laundry baskets for the foreseeable future.

Luckily my father-in-law came to the rescue with a handy set of moving straps at the exact right moment. If you’ve never seen them (I hadn’t until Saturday) these straps get placed under whatever heavy object you’re moving and then your place your forearms through the built in loops and lift. This deceptively simple tool made moving heavy things like dressers so much easier.

Just like any difficult task, having the right tools made all the difference. Not just any tool though. One that was designed specifically for the task I was trying to complete. I wouldn’t ever try to use moving straps for anything other than lifting heavy objects. And now that I’ve used them, I’ll never move again without them.

Of course this draws some pretty good parallels with what we do here at RMS. Pharmacy point-of-sale is a unique niche. You wouldn’t use it to run bike shop, because it’s not built for that. The industry requirements specific to pharmacy mean that using it in the run of the mill retail vertical doesn’t make much sense. But it makes just as little sense going the other direction and using a point-of-sale that isn’t built for pharmacy, to run a pharmacy.

The right point-of-sale system with specialized tools can turn those dreaded tasks and difficult processes into something much easier. 

Next time you have some heavy lifting to do in your pharmacy, take a minute to think about whether you’re using the best tools available, or whether you’re making things harder on yourself unnecessarily.