Making Your Independent Pharmacy the Best

rms_pharmacy_pos_eggsI recently discovered that my son is allergic to eggs, and have since realized that eggs are in practically everything.  So I embarked upon a quest down the health food aisles, looking for egg free pastas, cookies, breads and more. 

But there’s just no substitution for the real thing.  While my little one may not know the difference between grandma’s famous snickerdoodle cookies with eggs or without, I can certainly tell. And convincing my other half that vegan mayo is just as good as the real thing is going to be next to impossible.

My point is, once you’ve experienced something at its best, it’s hard for anything else to quite measure up.  This is as true of customer service as it is of food. So put your best foot forward for every customer interaction.  Make sure that the experience at your pharmacy is better than the competition without fail.  Remind customers that shopping at your independent pharmacy means working with a healthcare partner that always has their best interests at heart. Once they’ve had a taste of the best, there’s no way that any big box pharmacy will be able to compete.