More Flexibility for Your Pharmacy with Two New Pharmacy System Interfaces

rms-pharmacy-pos-food-truck.jpgI’m not usually a big fan of reality TV, buI’m kind of addicted to The Great Food Truck Race.  8 different food trucks competing against each other with different challenges.  I’d pretend I’m just in it for the cooking inspiration, but I’ll admit that I like the twists (okay drama) of the challenges.  While every challenge is different, one of the recurring themes in every challenge is that each food truck needs to stay “on brand” with whatever food they are cooking. It makes sense. Sure, you can do what’s best for the moment but if it’s not consistent with your brand, it’s not likely going to mean much for long term success.  

Frequent readers of the RMS blog unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) won’t be subject to any fast-paced drama. But you will notice that there are some key themes that we regularly touch on.  These recurring topics are things that we feel will help pharmacies big and small to succeed, grow, and become more profitable.  

One of these themes is the need for flexibility. Every pharmacy business is different. There’s no one size fits all option.  Another is the need to adapt to changing needs. The two really go hand in hand.  Pharmacies have to be able to make changes that make sense for their pharmacy easily and without unnecessary hesitation.  

The thing is, no pharmacy can really accomplish these objectives without the backing and support of the right partners.  And those partners have to be just as flexible and adaptable as you are. Probably even more so.  

Here at RMS we’ve always been of the mind that a pharmacy owner should be able to choose the right solutions for their pharmacy and not be tied down to any one provider. We’ve always offered flexibility when choosing pharmacy system providers, credit card processors, wholesalers and offer a number of other integrations, designed to make running your pharmacy the way you want to easier.  But we also recognize the need for change which is why we’re always working to add new options.  

With that in mind, we’re happy to announce new pharmacy system interfaces to PioneerRx and Pharmaserv. These interfaces join over 25 other options, meaning that with RMS, you can have a robust point-of-sale solution and still work with the pharmacy provider of your choice. And if that choice changes in 3 or 4 years, no worries. We’ll still be ready to adapt and grow with your pharmacy.  

Have questions about these new interfaces or any of the many other options we have available? Talk with an RMS representative today. Just click the link below to contact us.