One Signature in the Pharmacy is Better Than Two, or Six

rms-pharmacy-pos-isc250-signature-pad.jpgWhen RMS first started out, electronic signature capture wasn’t a thing.  We were actually the very first pharmacy POS provider to come to market with a solution.  But it wasn’t easy.  There were a lot of kinks, the hardware available at the time was only semi-reliable in the best of cases. We’ve come a long way since then.  Electronic signature capture is a must have for any pharmacy.  Operating without it slows down the checkout process and makes audits a lengthy and difficult process.

Even though signature capture today is lightyears ahead of what we had 15 years ago, we all know that capturing signatures can still account for a good portion of the time spent on each transaction. There are countless signatures that have to be collected in any given transaction in your pharmacy.  Prescription pickup, safety caps, credit card, HIPPAA, pseudoephedrine, etc.  And what if your customer has multiple transactions? How much time could be spent with the customer simply signing for their transactions?

Some of these signatures, like safety caps and HIPPAA, have to be captured separately.  But the signatures for multiple prescriptions, and the signature for payment via credit card, can all be combined into one single signature.  It should be an easy setting to apply in your POS system and can help you run your pharmacy more efficiently.