One Way to Both Improve Employee Moral and Customer Service in your Pharmacy

pharmacy-rms-pos-customer-service.jpgGiving your pharmacy employees some autonomy or decision making abilities can be beneficial both to you and your customers.  When your employees know that you trust their judgement they’ll be more confident and better at serving your customers.

But you do have a hierarchy in your pharmacy for a reason.  Pharmacy managers are entrusted with more responsibility than an entry level clerk and maybe pharmacy technician’s fall somewhere in between.

The question is whether or not your technology reflects the organizational structure your pharmacy relies on.  Does a clerk have the same override capabilities as a pharmacy manager?  Is there a potential that someone with less training and expertise is breezing through important messages or overriding sales that they shouldn’t?

It should be easy to restrict the access your employees have to certain functions within your pharmacy POS system.  Using trust level settings you can make sure that a clerk only has the access they need to do their job.  Believe it or not, this can also help improve customer service in your pharmacy because you’ll cut down on errors.