Overcoming Common Fears About Mobile Pharmacy POS

RMS-pharmacy-background-EvolutionPOSv2.pngDuring the holidays, it’s common to spend some time deliberating over finding the right gifts for friends and family.  Sometimes it’s easy.  Other times, you might find yourself worrying about practicality and usefulness.  This is especially true if you’re looking at any sort of technology gift.  Will it actually get used or will it be too far out of the recipients comfort zone?   

Of course, technology phobias exist outside of the realm of personal technology. They extend into and impact your business. There are fears that customers won’t be comfortable with something different at the point-of-sale. Then there’s the worry that employees might not be able to adapt to change.  

Here’s the thing. You probably know that if you bought a tablet, or even an E-reader, for that technology-reluctant person in your life, and could convince them to use it, they’d really like it.  Well the same holds true for mobile technology in your pharmacy.  Many remain unsure just how it might change things for the better in their business.  The power for most independent pharmacies lies in flexibility and making things easier for your patients and your employees.   

Although you may not get every employee to be enthusiastic about implementing mobile point-of-sale at the outset, we think the “try it and like it” concept will hold true.  If you don’t have mobile point-of-sale technology in use in some form in your pharmacy, it’s likely that you have at least one cumbersome process that needs to be streamlined.  Once employees find out that they can get rid of paper or clunky wired signature capture at the drive thru, or that they can more easily manage long lines, or stop running back and forth to process a curbside delivery transaction, the value of mobile point-of-sale or wireless signature capture will become pretty obvious. Objections and hesitations will become a thing of the past.  

If you’re worried about customers being comfortable with a mobile point-of-sale solution, you’re not alone.  Even though mobile technology at the point-of-service is becoming more common, it will be an alien concept to some customers.  But just one positive interaction can change someone’s mind.  What if customers could get out of the store faster because service was more efficient? Could patients have a more personal customer service experience? Finding that one thing that changes a customer’s perspective shouldn’t be difficult.  

The final key to both customer and employee buy-in is making sure that the solution is easy to use and understand.  The right mobile solution should be easy to integrate into your pharmacy workflow to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. The wrong solution can bring progress to a halt.  

We’re here to help, so if you’d like to learn more about how mobile point-of-sale can help your pharmacy, contact us today.