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The Time Is Now- A Letter from RMS CEO Brad Jones

The Time is Now  At RMS, we have always thought of ourselves as a family, one made up not only of employees but also of our customers and business partners across the United States. A family of amazing, diverse people.    Over the years, we’ve...
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A dark computer which hackers may use to circumvent pharmacy security

4 Important Reminders for Pharmacy Security

The sad reality is that, in the modern business world, retailers like pharmacies are prime targets for criminals looking to undermine digital security systems. What’s more, the current COVID-19 lockdown has coincided with an increase...
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Keep your pharmacy running smoothly

5 Easy Things to Keep Your Pharmacy Running Smoothly

If I said that many pharmacies are really busy right now, it would be a huge understatement. The word “busy” doesn’t even come close to describing what many pharmacies are experiencing every day. When our...
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A Bit of What We All Need

It’s been a little over a month since the staff at RMS headquarters, along with a good portion of the country, transitioned to working remotely from home. While the replacement of my commute with a...
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New definitions to use in your pharmacy RMSPOS

New Definitions to Use in Your Pharmacy

There’s a scene in the movie, “The Incredibles 2” where Mr. Incredible is being defeated by his kids’ math textbook. Something to the effect of “why did they change math?” among his frustrated utterances. This...
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New Rules for Pharmacy Curbside Delivery

There’s no surprise that curbside delivery has been a popular topic over the past couple of weeks. We’ve worked with many pharmacies to get solutions in place to reduce patient contact, while still capturing all...
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