Brian Hillman

Director of Sales - RMS Team Member Since 2002


My motto is “Life is an adventure so go enjoy it!”  I try my best to live by this motto every day.  When I’m not at work or spending time with my family, I’m out doing the things I love.  Tennis and fishing are my hobbies of choice these days.  I grew up doing both, but my competitive spirit has me taking it to another level.  I don’ t just play tennis and fish, I do them both competitively.  I’m a 4.0 NTPR rated tennis player and have competed at the USTA Missouri Valley Sectional level since 2006.  When I’m not playing tennis, I’m a sponsored kayak tournament angler.  I’m a member of the Hobie Kayak Fishing team and compete in regional and national tournament trails. I have a wonderful wife and three extremely active boys.  My two youngest boys who still live at home play competitive soccer and tennis  We spend many weekends throughout the year traveling to tournaments.  We love our busy schedule and wouldn’t have it any other way.   

Don’t forget, we are all here for a short period of time.  Life is an adventure so go enjoy it!