Pharmacies: A Sneak Peek at Things to Come in 2017

rms-pharmacy-pos-happy-new-year-2017.jpgAt RMS, we acknowledge that every pharmacy is a little different.  And the varying needs of all of those unique pharmacies means we are often times presented with requests to do things a little differently.  Fortunately, the POS system usually has a way to manage whatever it is the customer needs. We’ve been doing this for a long time (almost 20 years) and in that time we’ve done a lot of work to make RMS the leader in innovative solutions for pharmacies.   

But once in a while, a request comes along that isn’t something we’ve seen before, or industry requirements or changes generate the need for a new feature.  Sometimes we just thought up something new and different to give our pharmacy customers a competitive edge.  This all means that making updates and changes, and adding new features, is one of our constants.   

Keeping up with those changes can sometimes be a difficult task. Not everyone has time to read lengthy release notes and try as I might, I won’t always get to cover every awesome new feature in our blog.  So we made a change in the way that RMS shares those changes.  Now, from the main screen of our POS application, customers can access our new “Sneak Peek” button with links to videos on new features.  We hope all of our customers will check out this new feature and we look forward to sharing it with all of the new pharmacies that will join the RMS family in 2017.  Here’s to your success in 2017 and beyond!