Pharmacies – What’s the latest on EMV?

RMS_pharmacy_POS_credit_card_security_.jpgAlmost exactly one year ago, the EMV liability shift went into place. For most pharmacies, nothing really changed.  There was, and still is, a good deal of misinformation circulating about EMV and how it impacts business, but once pharmacies began to get a better understanding of the reality, some of the urgency began to fade. 

This doesn’t mean that EMV isn’t still important.  A number of pharmacies have experienced chargebacks due to EMV related fraud.  And even if you don’t have problems with chargebacks today, that’s no guarantee that tomorrow won’t be a different story. 

Of course, Industry wide delays in the availability of EMV options and pharmacies anxious to run EMV transactions faced slim pickings.  That’s why we were so pleased to announce the availability of EMV with Vantiv using the Ingenico isc250 signature capture and card acceptance device.  Vantiv is a great option for merchants looking to transition to EMV as soon as possible, but there may also be reasons you want to stay with your existing processor.  If that’s the case, you’re probably wondering when other announcements will be forthcoming.

We’ve discussed at length the reasons many processors are delayed in releasing EMV certifications before, so I won’t rehash old news today.  Instead, here is the latest news on some of our most commonly used processors outside of Vantiv.

First Data – The latest from First Data places certification occurring sometime in late November or early December.

Heartland – Heartland has officially joined Vantiv as a certified EMV processing company.  We can now begin to work on the process to transition Heartland merchants to an EMV gateway with EMV capable hardware.

Elavon – We expect Elavon to finalize EMV certification at the end of the 4th quarter, 2016. 

If you’re ready to take the next steps for EMV with one of our certified processors, or just have questions about EMV, call us to be connected with one of our EMV experts.  If you need some further background on EMV, just check out our website,