loving your customers is a great way to grow a successful pharmacy promotion program

Pharmacy Promotion: 4 Tips to Excite Your Customers

loving your customers is a great way to grow a successful pharmacy promotion programPharmacies are unique organizations. While they provide a key service in the form of filling essential medical prescriptions, they also operate in many  ways like a “regular retailer.” After all, at most pharmacies it’s possible to pick up crucial heart medication along with everyday items like shampoo or hand lotion. With that in mind, business leaders must be able to highlight the best aspects of their pharmacy without misrepresenting it. Pharmacy promotion can be tricky, but we’ll share four tips with you here that will be sure to excite (as well as inform) your customer base:

Digital Promotion

More and more business-customer interactions occur online. So independent pharmacies should seek to boost their brand awareness by increasing their visibility on social media and on search engines. One of the easiest –– and most cost-effective –– ways to do this is to start a blog. Insightful blogs can generate interest and attract new customers to your store, while also enhancing your site’s SEO performance. 

Additionally, pharmacies should consider online promotion methods like advertisements on social media. Digital ads allow for advanced targeting methods, which ensures that your team will be able to connect directly with people most likely to patronize your store. 

Launch Customer-Centric Programs

Running “standard” awareness marketing campaigns can serve a purpose in some instances, but if you really want to get your customers’ attention, you have to give them a reason to get excited. As such, pharmacies looking to improve their reputation should consider launching customer-centric programs. In particular, introducing a customer loyalty program will encourage your clientele to return to your store again and again. Remember, retaining customers is just as important to business longevity as finding new ones. Lastly, implementing new services like drive-thru, curbside, or delivery options will likely spark new interest in your store. The easier it is for your customers to shop at your location, the better off your organization will be. 

Run a Sale

Promotions just plain work. Customers in all fields love to get a deal and, by utilizing traditional media (TV ads, billboards, print ads) or digital media (social media posts, email campaigns), pharmacies can drum up a lot of excitement simply by running a sale on popular items. It’s also a good idea to tie your sales in with seasonal events that may be happening in your area. For example, running a back-to-school sale on supplies like pencils and notebooks could help your store draw in new shoppers. 

Get Creative

Independent pharmacies should use their intimate knowledge of a community to market certain products within their store. Just as big box retailers use signage and creative placement to promote seasonal, novelty, or on-sale products in the store, so too can pharmacies convince their customers to make additional purchases while they shop. A personal touch in advertising can go a long way.

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