POS Signature Capture at the Pharmacy Drive-Thru

ipad-retina_rms.jpgIn any convenience oriented industry, the drive thru window rules it all. Fast food, coffee shops, banks and of course, pharmacies.  When you compare the line outside to the line inside, the drive thru clearly sees a large percentage of the businesses overall purchases.   Not every pharmacy has a drive thru (or even needs one if they offer curbside delivery) but those that do likely see a steady flow of customers at the drive thru window.   

But checkout at the drive thru window can be tricky.  Historically, there have been a few options.  You can hand a traditional wired sig pad out the window and battle with unruly cables, not to mention the additional wear and tear on a device that’s meant to be stationary (McDonalds does this today believe it or not!).   You could forego electronic signature capture all together and revert to hard copy signatures that take up space in your file cabinet and are difficult to find if you are ever audited. Or you could add a fully mobile register to your pharmacy operations. (We love this option, but we understand that it’s not the right fit for every pharmacy)

But what if none of these options feels right to you?   Every option has its own upsides and downsides.  And of course the benefits of some options definitely outweigh the others.  But every pharmacy is different. So with that in mind, we’re making it easy for you to find an option that fits.  RMS recently introduced the drive-thru signature capture app, which runs on any generation of iPad.  Simply swipe the customer’s card at the register and then hand your iPad out to collect the signature.  Your customers will be impressed by how quickly and easily they can sign for their prescriptions and credit card purchases.  No unruly cables or flimsy paper receipts at your pharmacy.  And of course your life will be easier because you’ll have all the power of electronic signature capture on something as small and portable as an iPad mini. 

RMS is taking one more step towards our goal of making your life as a pharmacy owner or manager as crazy-easy as possible.  If you’d like to learn more, we’re ready to help you find the right POS solutions for your pharmacy.