Retail Management Solutions Hits the Road for Customer Satisfaction Tour

December 30, 2010, Retail Management Solutions (RMS), an Olympia, Wash. company specializing in retail pharmacy technology began a tour of the United States today, with the goal of visiting current and potential customers along the way. With customers facing a glut of communications, from direct mail, to text message, phone calls and countless emails, RMS is taking to the streets to meet the people and businesses that use their products.

Chris Gage, vice president of operations, sold her home in 2010, purchased an RV, and hit the road in an effort to open lines of communication with pharmacists. Ms. Gage will be speaking with customers at small and mid-sized pharmacies around the country in order learn how to improve RMS’s products and improve communications.

“By speaking with our customers face-to-face, we will be able to build stronger relationships so that when one of our customers has a question or concern, they feel completely comfortable picking up the phone and working with us to find a solution,” said Gage. “We have a reputation as an industry leader and it’s important that we meet those expectations and provide the best service possible.”

As one of the most highly regulated retail sectors, pharmacies are faced with rapidly changing government policies and mandates. RMS’s deep understanding of the industry means that they often provide updates to customers on compliance issues and changing technology needs. However, as pharmacists face a multitude of communications in all forms, important information sometimes gets lost in the shuffle.

“Pharmacists value personal interaction. They meet with dozens of customers a day and build meaningful relationships with the people that visit their store. We feel that those values shouldn’t be lost in an age of e-marketing, Facebook campaigns, and teleconferences,” said Brad Jones, president and CEO of Retail Management Solutions. “With customers around the country, we’ve realized that we weren’t making those connections as frequently as we would like and we had to do something to change that.”

Gage is starting her tour on the West Coast traveling south from Vancouver, Washington to the San Francisco Bay area and into Los Angeles in late January. RMS customers in those areas are encouraged to contact Ms. Gage with any questions or to set up a meeting.