Retail Management Solutions is growing!

For the last 5 years, the main offices of Retail Management Solutions have been located right in the middle of downtown Olympia, Washington.  Surrounded by local businesses, great restaurants and close enough to the water to take a lunchtime stroll along the Port of Olympia, when I first started at RMS, I thought there couldn’t be any place better to have our offices located.  But with 5 years came a lot of changes and growth at RMS – we’ve grown to over 1000 pharmacy customers, and our staff continues to grow, even adding a few new members over the last couple weeks.  The walls of offices that once seemed spacious began to close in on us.  

This past fall, we began the search for a new home for RMS; a building that would be just ours, where we would have space to grow.  Of course finding a new building in the “goldilocks” zone, (not too big, not too small but just right) is always a challenge, but as luck would have it we found a building that suited our needs well.  Or at least it would suit us well with a little bit of help.

In March of this year, renovations began on our new building.  It was no small task to turn what had been an intimidating law office into a welcoming environment for us to work in (and the turquoise carpet just had to go).  But after a few smaller offices got turned into larger ones, new flooring was put in and a fresh coat of paint applied to everyone’s walls, the new building started to feel a little more like home.

Moving BoxesThe past few weeks have been a flurry of activity preparing for the big move. Final touches at the new offices and the massive undertaking of packing up our old offices have kept us all busy. On Friday afternoon the last box was sealed up, the refrigerator emptied and the last computer unplugged in preparation for our movers to arrive bright and early on Saturday morning.  

The team at Atlantic Relocation Systems did a fantastic job.  Our second floor office suite was equipped with only a tiny elevator so many things had to be hand carried down the stairs.  They were our champions getting large shelves and heavy boxes loaded up and transported over to the new offices. Even at 5:00pm after a solid day of moving, the entire team was still smiling and joking with the RMS crew. 

On Monday morning, June 17th, the headquarters of RMS opened in our new offices. Thanks to the hard work of some dedicated team members, the transition has been as smooth and easy as a big move like this could be.  Not every box is unpacked and there are still renovations to be done along the way but we couldn’t be happier to have made this transition.  While there are things we’ll miss about our downtown home of the past five years, we are so very excited to be in a space that we can truly make our own. 


Our new address is 4535 Lacey Blvd SE, Lacey, WA 98503.  All of our phone numbers, fax numbers, etc. remain the same.

Stay tuned to the RMS Customer Forum for more pictures as renovations continue and some past photos to see how far we’ve come already.  If you’re a RMS customer and you’re not a member of the RMS Customer Forum, click here to learn more and sign up today!