RMS Interface to MethCheck/NPLEx – updated 9/20/2011

Update Release Information – beta testing with Appriss is completed and we have been asked to focus on customers in states that are getting ready to go live on NPLEx. This means if you are already using the web version of NPLEx, you will need to continue doing so. Once we have the customers from states going live between now and the end of the year set up on our interfaced NPLEx version, we will contact you. This was a request of Appriss to avoid setting up each new member twice.

Retail Management Solutions announced today it is proceeding with an interface to Appriss Corporation’s MethCheck solution to help combat the Meth problem around the country. Currently, 13 states now require pharmacies to participate in the NPLEx program which uses the MethCheck solution.

What is NPLEx?
NPLEx is a unique public/private partnership offering a real-time electronic methamphetamine precursor tracking service, free of charge, to law enforcement and state governments.
Who are the partners in the NPLEx system?
The National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators (NADDI) is the provider of the service. The manufacturers of the medicines are the sponsors of NPLEx, and pay for the entire cost of the service. Appriss®, Inc., is the technology vendor whose product, MethCheck, won the competitive bid to provide the service.

What is the cost to state government?
NPLEx is provided free of charge on a permanent basis to state governments that pass appropriate legislation and regulations. This includes implementation to all retailers, access to law enforcement, full 24/7 technical support, training for retailers and law enforcement, and maintenance and upgrades.

How does law enforcement get access to the data in NPLEx?Law enforcement officers simply contact Appriss and request the service. Upon verification, the officers will receive a user name and password, and will then have access to the system.

How does NPLEx work?The federal Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005 (CMEA,) as well as numerous state and local laws, require retailers of products containing pseudoephedrine and ephedrine to capture customer data at the point of sale. The pharmacy scans a government identification or enters the data into the secure MethCheck portal. The information is transmitted instantly to the database where it is available for review by law enforcement.

Why is real-time so important?
Real-time enables the blocking of sales that would exceed the legal limits, thereby potentially preventing the manufacture of methamphetamine. Real-time also prevents customers from inadvertently purchasing too much of the medicine, and finally, real-time gives law enforcement immediate information.

How secure is the data?The data is housed at the Appriss data center, subject to annual FBI audit, and under tight security policies that include independent security testing and HIPAA compliance. Appriss is also the disaster recovery site for the National Law Enforcement Recovery System (NLETS).

What about servers, software, or hardware?The NPLEx tool, MethCheck, is entirely web-based, with no servers, software, or hardware. Law enforcement and retailers need only a computer with Internet access.

What is a blocked sale?
All retailers in the system voluntarily block the sale of precursors that would exceed any law of jurisdiction, including 3.6 grams per day and 9 grams in 30 days according to federal law. When a transaction is submitted by a retailer that would exceed the limits, a message is instantly sent to the retailer recommending denial of the sale. A manual override can be used if the clerk feels in danger, and law enforcement is notified that the sale may have exceeded the limits.

Who has access to the data in NPLEx?
Retailers have access to the sales data from their own store. Only law enforcement can access the entire database, pursuant to the CMEA. Appriss, by necessity, has a very limited number of employees that can access the data to maintain the system and to respond to law enforcement requests.

How many stores are using MethCheck/NPLEx?Over 20,000 retailers in the United States are currently using the service, including all CVS, Rite Aid, and SuperValu stores.