Shopping For Super Bowl 54 at The Pharmacy

Shopping at the pharmacy Millions of people will tune in to watch Super Bowl 54 on Sunday. This year, it’s thought that 194 million people will watch the game, spending an average $88.65 each, according to the National Retail Federation.

That number accounts for food, drinks, party supplies, new TV’s, team gear and even new furniture purchases spurred by Super Bowl party plans. But what it doesn’t account for is all the self care items that people need after the game.

Yes, many people will be making a visit to their pharmacy on Monday (or maybe sooner) to recover from a Sunday packed with perhaps a little too much fun. The Monday after Super Bowl Sunday even has it’s own set of statistics, with 17.5 million employees expected to miss out on work. You can bet at least some of those millions will need some help.

So why not get ahead of the rush and promote some things that your customers might desperately be in need of come Monday morning?

You can put items on sale, bundle them together, set up BOGO promotions through your POS system, promote private label products or offer bonuses to loyalty members. Or even just put key items on the counter for easy sales. Here are a few thoughts on items to include.

Antacids- I’ll admit it. Sometimes I go to Super Bowl parties just for the food. Well not just for the food. But a lot for the food. (Especially while this Seahawks fan is still nursing some wounded pride.) And I’m not alone. That party atmosphere with endless finger foods tempts people into pushing the boundaries on their normal dietary choices. And you can bet by the time I’ve made the trip home, I’m reaching for something to quell my growing heart burn.

Vitamins – We’re crammed onto my friends new couch that could’ve honestly used to be a bit bigger. We’re yelling, high fiving, hugging. And sharing some germs. So many germs. It’s a good time to ramp up the preventative care.

Pain reliever- Did I mention that my friends new couch is not at all comfortable? And sometimes after sitting around on uncomfortable furniture, in cramped spaces, getting out of bed the next morning is just a little harder than it should be. Whether we’re nursing headaches, a stiff back, or that ankle we twisted jumping for joy like we’re 18, (We’re definitely not 18) it’s good to have a supply on hand.

Cold Medicines – Once upon a time, an RMS team member came to a Seahawks party sporting support for the wrong team. We put her table outside. Don’t worry, we didn’t make her stay there… for long. But if Super Bowl gatherings put anyone “out in the cold” so to speak, vitamins might not be enough to keep them from needing a little extra assistance to get through the week.

So go ahead, add some totals to the 2020 Super Bowl spending. A pack of antacids may not be as memorable as that spicy cheese dip and that pass that should have been run in that should have been a touch down. But extra sales seem like a win to me!