Stretch a Little Further for Success in Your Pharmacy

rms-pharmacy-pos-stretching.jpgIf you’ve ever been to a guided exercise class, it’s likely they had you do some sort of stretching before and after the work out.  And with that stretching comes the inevitable push from your instructor to stretch a little bit further. They ask you to touch your fingertips to the floor, and then, with no regard for your pain, insist that you extend your palms flat on the floor with the simple act of tightening your muscles, then relaxing them to sink further into your stretch.

We all impose limits on ourselves, thinking that we can go no further.  This extends way beyond the physical, and can impact every aspect of our lives and our businesses. The truth is that a little extra effort can often yield results beyond what we thought we were capable of. 

The pharmacy industry seems to be plagued with walls, just waiting to be hit.  The thing is though, they aren’t really walls.  Just obstacles challenging you to make changes that will allow them to be overcome. Instead of banging your head on the proverbial wall, think about what tools you can use to help your business stretch a little more.