Take the Guesswork Out of Running Your Pharmacy

More math. Less guesswork. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Not complex mathematical equations. No graphing calculators or advanced statistics. But simple equations. 2+2=4.

What if any business result you were looking for could be achieved with a simple formula?

While I can’t give you a magic equation for solving every problem you might encounter, I can share some insight from 5 experts with formulas for improved customer-centricity and higher profits.

At our very first CLIMB virtual summit, we heard from 5 speakers, sharing ways that pharmacies can transform their businesses through our 5 CLIMB tenets. Care, lead, innovate, motivate and balance. If you couldn’t make it to the summit, this article will give you a peek at some of the awesome solutions they shared.

After you’re done reading the article, you can access full recordings for each speaker’s presentation by registering for our free CLIMB Webinar series.  On the second Thursday of every month we’ll host a new 1-hour episode of CLIMB live. We’ll expand on some of the concepts shared here and introduce brand new innovations to use every day in your pharmacy business. (And we promise, it isn’t about point-of-sale. This video from RMS President & CEO Brad Jones will tell you more!)

Data + Innovation = Opportunity

What is it that you sell in your pharmacy? Business coach and author Patti Mara posed that a mindset shift from products to solutions, with a data driven approach can unlock the goldmine that already exists in your pharmacy. The understanding you have of your patients, paired with data and knowledge provides something that no other business can.

Information + Care = Improved Patient Outcomes & Higher Profits

Pharmacist and founder of SolutionsRx, Chris Cornelison got everyone excited about nutrient depletion recommendations. A service which we’ve been long time fans of here at RMS. Chris shared some of the most common side effects patients experience due to drug induced nutrient depletion. And how counselling and supplement recommendations based on these nutrient depletions improves patient outcomes, builds customer relationships and increases your pharmacy profitability.

Planning + Motivation = Continuity in your business

All kinds of planning goes into running a business. Staffing, accounting, inventory & ordering, advertising. You name it, there’s probably some plan you have to make to get it done. But as RJ Hedges & Associates compliance expert Becky Templeton shared with us, there is one big piece of the puzzle that doesn’t always receive its due attention. Finding the motivation for yourself and for your team to push forward no matter the circumstances isn’t easy. Having a contingency plan in place paves the way. Becky provided the framework for creating a contingency plan that will keep your pharmacy running.

Leadership + Understanding = Business Growth

“If you aren’t growing, you’re dying.” Certified Business Growth Specialist Terri Norvell unveiled her brand-new Business Growth Formula. Sharing the framework for growing your business through leadership and team empowerment. Terri’s presentation dove into the different stages of business growth, how leadership impacts each of them, how to identify where you are, and how to get where you want to be.

There’s so much more to see.CLIMB Virtual Summit by RMS

Don’t miss out on more information on each of these business formulas. As a quick reminder, when you register for the CLIMB Webinar series (Free!) you can access the recordings from our first episode along with other downloads, slide decks and more. Plus, you’ll have your seat saved for our monthly CLIMB event.