Taking Your Pharmacy To Pre-School

rms-pharmacy-pos-preschool-1.jpgThis week my kids start pre-school. It seems so long ago when we first enrolled them, an now it’s suddenly here. And of course, I’m a mess. The thought of dropping my kids off tomorrow morning and leaving them in a classroom with relative strangers is terrifying. There are a million what if scenarios running through my mind.  But I know that starting school is the best thing for my kids. No matter how much I wish I could keep them in the safe, little world we’ve created for them up to now, they are growing up. (Seriously, how many times can a kid’s feet grow in a year?)  

The thing that’s keeping me from going completely crazy is knowing that I did my research on their new school. I can have confidence in the staff, their processes, procedures, and environment. So why does this all matter to you? If the success of your pharmacy business is going to be riding on a product, service, or company, you’re probably going to be pretty anxious about that decision as well. When talking with different organizations, I used some key criteria that anyone could use when making a big decision.   

Expertise –  I didn’t want to send my kids to a school where the teacher didn’t have experience or where the program was just an add on to something bigger that gets more focus and attention. Sure, everyone has to start somewhere, but no one really likes to be the guinea pig.  Expertise is important when you’re partnering with any organization. When it comes to your pharmacy, do you really want to work with a vendor that splits their attention between different verticals or different products? It’s probably not ideal. RMS has been focusing solely on pharmacy point-of-sale for almost 20 years and our expertise in the market is unparalleled. No guinea pigs here.  

Flexibility – Frequent blog readers will know that I have twins. But they are about as different from each other as I can imagine them being. I really wanted to work with a teacher and a program that would take that into account. Likewise, pharmacy organizations all have their own unique set of needs. There are certainly core best practices at the heart of most pharmacies but to try to make a one size fits all solution just doesn’t make sense. Scalability and flexibility are important. Your pharmacy may change and grow. Your point of sale solution should be able to change and grow with it 

Transparency –  If I wanted to see what my kids were doing at any given point during the day, I can login and actually see them. And every day, I’ll get a report of what happened in class that day. That’s great peace of mind. This works on two levels with pharmacies. You definitely need a solution that allows you to see everything that’s going on in your pharmacy business, even when you’re not there. There’s no better way to understand your business than with robust reporting capabilities that allow you to see key metrics, even across multiple locations. Transparency is important on a second level as well in that you want to have confidence that your pharmacy business partners share their knowledge with you as much as you want them to.  

Easy – When an organization is knowledgeable about what they’re doing, and isn’t worried about what information to share, because they believe in transparency, that makes your decision easy.  What you do every day may be complicated. What your vendor does every day may also be complicated, but working with a partner shouldn’t be. 

If any of this seems familiar, it’s probably because you’ve visited the RMS About Us page. These characteristics are ones that we strive to operate by every day as we continue to work towards making our customers the most profitable and customer centric in the industry.