The Experience of Pharmacy POS

Pharmacy POS experinceIf you made any sort of big purchase, like a new car, or a new home, or even a new TV, you’d have expectations of how life after your purchase would be. You’d look forward to better gas mileage and a service plan from the dealer. Or gatherings with friends from your new kitchen. Or being even more engrossed in your favorite TV shows with that new and improved big screen.

The point is, that when you make a big purchase, you’re not just purchasing something physical. You’re also purchasing the experience you expect to have with that item. Even a pair of shoes could be expected to deliver an experience post purchase. Like feet that aren’t sore after standing all day, or perhaps a few compliments during your first outing,

So why would you expect anything less if you make an investment in your pharmacy?

Easy answer. You shouldn’t. Pharmacy point-of-sale has to deliver more than transaction processing. It has to deliver an experience both to you and to your pharmacy customers. But what should you expect in the way of a pharmacy point-of-sale experience?

Here are some things you might look for:

Support: What will happen when you need support for your point-of-sale system? Every company will have some kind of support infrastructure, but the value of that support, and the experience you’ll have can span a broad range. When can you call? How quickly can you expect a response? What do you do if you need something beyond technical support? All these questions should have answers that make you feel at ease. Because no matter how good a system is, you’re going to have questions and require support. Do you feel like you can rely on POS vendor?

Company Culture: Yes, this is important. For the same reasons you take the time to get to know your pharmacy customers. Or run a checkout charity program. Or host a food drive. It’s much more fun to do business with people that you like. And much more rewarding to spend your hard earned money with a business whose values align with yours. No one wants to feel like they’re doing business with someone who’s just in it for the money. That never ends well. So throughout the sales process with any point-of-sale vendor, take the time to get to know the company, and not just the product. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that there’s a person on the other end of those product demos. But we’re here, and getting to know our customers is our favorite thing!

Flexibility: Sometimes expectations fall flat and you need to adjust. Even the best evaluation of needs can miss something. Or fixing one problem might bring a completely different problem to light. So find out what to expect if you need to course correct. How easy is it to expand functionality, change integrations, add registers, etc.? Chances are at some point in your point-of-sale provider relationship you’ll need to make changes, so understand what you can expect early on.

If I’ve peaked your interest at all or if you are curious about RMS’ philosophy when it comes to the experience our customers have, stay tuned to the RMS blog over the next few weeks. We’ll be sharing more about our commitment to our customers experiences, and what you can expect when you’re an RMS partner.