The Key is in Exceeding Expectations in your Pharmacy

rms-pharmacy-customer-service-extra-mile.jpgSo much of the time, we think about services, products, and customer service, as the things that make the most difference in how happy customers are with their experience in your pharmacy. But there’s one other factor that we don’t usually discuss.   Likability. 

But why don’t we talk about it?  Generally, the thought of someone not liking us is uncomfortable.  Most people want to be liked.  It can be a hard pill to swallow that even as adults, it still matters what people think about us.  Especially when my inner band nerd, plus all of those inspirational posts on the internet, tell me it shouldn’t really matter.  But my success in my job can be directly attributed to how well people like me.   After all, if you don’t find me to be a nice, easy to work with, and likable person, you probably won’t read these blogs every week.  And you definitely won’t call me for help when you need it. 

This also holds true for your pharmacy staff.  And the opinion formed about just a single member of your staff can impact a customer’s perception about your entire pharmacy.  But can you ensure that your pharmacy employee’s (and by extension your pharmacy) are likable? There’s no formula or algorithm.  No steps 1-10 to becoming more likable.  Instead, what you find if you search for how to become more likeable are a bunch of articles with traits and learnable habits.  I’m sure these are all well and good but it’s very hard, if not impossible, to take a staff of 10 or even 5 employees and walk them through how to improve their likability. Because it means different things to different people. Likability is not quantifiable in any way shape or form. 

That’s why I liked this take on likability so much.  The article, Want to make yourself more likable?, doesn’t cite learned skills or traits, but instead says that the act of exceeding expectations will make you more likable all on its own.  While no easy feat to accomplish, it’s certainly much easier to encourage someone to go above and beyond than it is to try to change bad habits learned over a lifetime.

At RMS, we are all about exceeding expectations.   In more ways than one.  Sure, we know that going above and beyond for our customers every day is very important.  But the real prize is making it easier for our customers to go the extra mile for their customers.  We don’t succeed unless we are helping you to succeed.

Stay tuned to the RMS blog every week for new ways to help your pharmacy exceed customer expectations.