The Last VCR

rms-pharmacy-pos-vcr.jpgWhen The Lion King came out on video in 1995 I remember anxiously awaiting its release with my allowance in hand.  (Give me a break, I was only 10.)  I watched that movie over and over, carefully replacing it in the special edition plastic case after each viewing.  Of course today, things are different.  VHS tapes were replaced by DVD’s, which were eventually outmoded by blu-rays, and today you can just click a button on your TV to rent or buy a movie. 

If you’re wondering why the trip down memory lane, it’s because the world’s last VCR will roll off of the production line this month.  And although there are many people like me who grew up with VHS tapes and have fond memories of watching our favorite movies over and over through the magic of our VCR, no one’s really crying over the end of this particular bit of technology. 

That’s because when it comes to technology, it doesn’t pay to be sentimental.  Especially in your pharmacy business.  When something new and easier to use comes along that can give your pharmacy an edge, you should jump on it.  Hanging on to a piece of technology, or continuing to use a pharmacy point-of-sale system because it’s comfortable and it’s the way you’ve always done things just doesn’t make sense.  Particularly if you have problems that your existing pharmacy technology isn’t solving. 

If I had never replaced my copy of The Lion King with a digital version, my kids wouldn’t get to enjoy that movie today (and come to think of it, neither would I).  They’d be missing out.  What are you missing out on by not adopting new technology in your pharmacy business?