The Time Is Now- A Letter from RMS CEO Brad Jones

The Time is Now 

At RMS, we have always thought of ourselves as a family, one made up not only of employees but also of our customers and business partners across the United States. A family of amazing, diverse people.   

Over the years, we’ve stood together with our family through hurricanes, floods, and winter storms. Recently, we’ve been inspired and proud as you’ve been on the front line, serving your communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

No matter what’s been broken, we’ve always been able to find a solution together to keep your pharmacies running. We’ve felt privileged to help you make your communities stronger and healthier.  

Today we are experiencing the realities of different problem, one that’s been ongoing and too often ignored. Once again, as community leaders, I believe we can be part of the solution. 

Earlier this week, I read Seth Godin’s June 2nd post, I Can’t Imagine, to my company. One sentence in particular struck a chord with me: “But just because we can’t imagine—it doesn’t mean we can’t care.” Throughout my life as a leader, I’ve confirmed that people gravitate toward others who show they care through empathy and compassion and an effort to understand. It’s time to stand up and show that we care. Seth finishes with this: “We’ll make things better by seeing, by speaking, by doing the work. Even if it’s uncomfortable, especially when it is.” It’s time to make things better. 

The events of the past nine days are truly heartbreaking. At least one of our pharmacies was looted. One of our employees and her daughter have spent multiple nights scared to death as riot police were trying to quell violence outside their apartment. I’m certain we are all hurting in different ways as we participate in the protests or witness the events on live television and the Internet. But I am hopeful. 

I am hopeful that as a diverse nation we can see beyond the violence and recognize the injustice that once again has been brought to the forefront, this time by the senseless and unconscionable killing of George Floyd. As community leaders we need to unite, once and for all, and stand up against the social injustices suffered by black Americans. 

As a former Air Force officer, as a patriot, I reminded my employees that protesters founded this great country. Protesters who fought for the rights we enjoy today. Protesting is one of the most patriotic things any of us can do. I’ve asked my company to stand with the peaceful protesters and help rid this country of the social injustices suffered by so many. As leaders in your community, I hope you will join us. Thank you for your service to your communities during these challenging times — and always. 


Brad G. Jones 


Retail Management Solutions