Two Questions to Ask Before You Make a Change in Your Pharmacy

rms-pharmacy-pos-moving.jpgOver the last several weeks I’ve been busy packing up my home, preparing to move. When you combine all the possessions of my toddlers, the many bits and pieces of technology that belong to my husband, and my own serious addiction to books, well, let’s just say I filled a lot of boxes.

But what’s important is not what went in the boxes, but the boxes themselves.  You see, there are two major home improvement stores in Olympia, WA. They are both in equally convenient locations and both carry moving boxes that are exactly the same size and same price.  So as I ran through my supply of boxes, it didn’t seem to make much difference where I got more.  That is, it didn’t make much difference until I loaded all of those boxes into the moving truck this weekend. The boxes from one store were normal boxes. Just what you’d expect. But the boxes from the other store had handhold cutouts on the side. It’s a relatively small thing, but it made a huge difference in the usability of the product. It wasn’t something I knew I needed, but I really missed it when I didn’t have it.

When it comes to pharmacy point-of-sale, this same theory can hold true in dozens of different ways. How many small features do you use on a daily basis that you’d sorely miss if you didn’t have? How many features are out there that you don’t have access to now, but could make a huge difference in how well your pharmacy operates? The answers to these questions are vital if you’re thinking about making a change. The wow factor is a great thing, but don’t forget the importance of the little things that can help make your pharmacy a success. 

Speaking of the little things, here’s a new interface that can really make a difference to your patients and profits: