Using Pharmacy Point-of-Sale to Find More Time

RMS_POS_More time with pharmacy POS.jpg

There’s undoubtedly something we’d like more time for in our lives. More time with family. More time to go on vacations. Maybe just more time to work on the things we are actually passionate about at work. But short of time travel actually becoming a thing, there’s no changing the amount of time we have in our day.  

You can’t make more time, but you can create more opportunities to spend more time as you see fit.  In your pharmacy, there are a number of ways to accomplish this.  Here are 3 ways.  

Simplify – Are there every day processes in your pharmacy that just seem too overly complicated? Probably at least a few. Possibly many more.  Do transactions take too long at the register because signature requests aren’t combined for a speedy checkout? Are you wasting time individually stickering products when you could be using shelf labels and automated price updates? Do you have to dig for information you need rather than having reports that automatically run to get you the data you need?  These things are just the tip of the iceberg. There are countless processes you can streamline to make running your pharmacy simpler. And what does that translate to? More time.  

Grow – Growing a business seems like a tall order because it is. But a growing, profitable business means that you can hire competent staff to take some of the burden off of your shoulders. Growing means having a full understanding of your business from every possible aspect. Are your margins too low? Do you have product that isn’t moving? Are you offering services that elevate your pharmacy over the competition? All of these smaller pieces of the puzzle come together for a pharmacy that’s running smoothly, efficiently and creating satisfied, loyal customers. 

Prioritize – Work/life balance is important and so is balancing the work that you have to do in your pharmacy. Figure out what the biggest show stopper in your pharmacy is and start there.  The rest may just fall into place once the biggest roadblocks are removed. 

The key to accomplishing all of these things lies within your pharmacy point-of-sale system. (Or at least it should.) Pharmacy POS allows you to see important business metrics, streamline processes and use technology to make customers happy.