Using Technology to Conquer Common Obstacles in Your Pharmacy

rms-pharmacy-pos-minivan.jpgThere’s almost always some driving factor behind major purchases.  I’m not talking about a new winter coat or even a new computer.  When it comes to the big things, like cars, or houses, people generally have a reason why they’re looking to buy.  Most people don’t just decide to go buy a new car because they’re bored of the one they have and want something new and shiny.  Their car is usually starting to have some problems, or suddenly, instead of a enjoying a small 2-door sports car, the family needs a minivan.  The house is too small or too big or they need something closer to work or farther out in the country.  

Well the same goes for purchasing a new pharmacy point-of-sale system.  We don’t see someone throwing out their system and investing in something new because they felt like it.  There’s always at least one, and usually more, reasons that a pharmacy owner or administrator is looking to make a change.  Sometimes it’s a specific feature, but we often see that there’s an obstacle they need to overcome and they just can’t do it with the technology they have available in their current systems. 

Pharmacy POS solves a number of problems for independent, institutional, and independent chain pharmacies.  Here are 5 common obstacles that a robust POS solution can help you overcome.

Growing pains – If your pharmacy business is growing, your needs will change.  Growing too quickly without the right tools can be detrimental to the long-term success of your pharmacy.  POS systems should be scalable, meaning that as your pharmacy grows you should be able to add new, more robust feature sets to accommodate your changing needs. 

Changing pharmacy systems- This is a challenge that Pharmacy POS really should make simple, but many systems don’t. When looking for a new POS system, make sure you find one that is compatible not just with your current vendor, but with many different vendors. This way, if you decide to make a change, you won’t have to start from scratch.

Area of service- Many pharmacies face down the problem of needing to have larger areas of service, but lack the space to add registers or a drive-thru window. That’s where mobile point-of-sale comes in to play.  With the addition of this technology, services like curbside pick-up, and the ability to check customers out anywhere in the pharmacy solve lot of problems caused by tight spaces.  And if you do happen to have a drive-thru window, your mobile POS solution should streamline that process as well.

Patient adherence- This is another challenge that mobile technology can help you face. For hospital outpatient pharmacies, meds to beds is becoming the new standard practice, and having a POS device to take from room to room for real-time transaction processing and signature capture is a must.  For local pharmacies, this same technology can allow you to council patient’s one-on-one in a more private setting. 

Customer loyalty- Let’s face it, paper punch cards are a little outdated, and they don’t offer near the flexibility a pharmacy actually needs to have for a loyalty program to be viable long term.  Loyalty programs need to be integrated with, or built into, your pharmacy POS system.  This will allow you to customize your loyalty program to suit the specific needs of your pharmacy.

Whatever your need for pharmacy POS is, make sure you think about the challenges your pharmacy needs to overcome and make sure the provider you work with offers solutions for overcoming whatever obstacles you face.

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