What Happens When You Need Point-of-Sale Support?


We can all think of negative customer service experiences. Times when a brand or company didn’t live up to our expectations or needs. It’s frustrating, because even if you don’t need support through 99% of a products life, that 1% of the time when you need it can shape how you feel about a company, regardless of how wonderful a product or service is.

Frustration aside, in your pharmacy, there’s also a cost to sub par support. Whether you have a quick question on how to run a report, your 7 year old receipt printer is finally starting to act up, or you’re making a change in pharmacy system vendors. All of these needs are important to your business. This is something we take very seriously at RMS and it shapes the way we structure our support processes and teams.

But what exactly does happen when you call RMS for support? For starters, our support line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So it doesn’t matter if your pharmacy runs 9-5 Monday thru Friday, or 24×7. Your call is answered by a real person who collects details for our technical support team.

Every case that comes through is reviewed by a manager to make sure that appropriate priority is set and that the support technician with the right knowledge for your question or issue is assigned. And every case is held to strict service level expectations, so you get timely service when you need it.

All of this means that the support team at RMS is pretty important. As such, we’re constantly training on new features and working to improve processes. And, as our RMS family of pharmacies grows, our support team grows as well, giving us the opportunity to welcome some new faces to the RMS team.


RMS POS Support Team

Mary Marburger comes to RMS with a background in the hospitality industry. She spent 8 years working her way up, becoming a supervisor, and enjoying opportunities for travel and new experiences. When it was time for a change Mary began to pursue a degree in network administration, moving to a job in the Information Systems department of a large retailer. A recent move from Iowa to Washington State brought Mary to the support team at RMS where she’s been hard at work learning about pharmacy point-of-sale and getting to know our customers. When Mary isn’t continuing her education or helping RMS customers she enjoys hiking, photography, video games and travelling as much as she’s able to.


RMS POS Support Team

Joining Mary on the RMS support team is Phoenix Taylor. Phoenix came to a career in technical support after spending a lifetime with a desire to take apart computers to understand everything he possibly could about them and their seemingly endless capabilities. Even when that often meant desperately putting the family computer back together before everyone got home. A Washington State resident for most of his life, Phoenix loves the beautiful Pacific Northwest. He is truly excited to join the RMS team and have the opportunity to work in a field he is head over heels for and looking forward to helping RMS customers.

We’re excited to welcome Mary and Phoenix to our growing team. And while we know that calling support isn’t everyone’s favorite thing, we’ll continue to make sure that we offer the best service in pharmacy point-of-sale.