What to do When Space is at a Premium in Your Pharmacy

Getting rid of unnecessary clutter seems to be trending. From simple organization hacks, to purging your life of everything that doesn’t bring you joy, or even tiny house living. The idea that less is more is taking over.

When space is at a premium in your pharmacy Whether you subscribe to this theory of less is more in your personal life, chances are there’s at least one place that could benefit from a more minimalist approach.

The pharmacy counter is often stuffed to capacity. Counter top displays compete for space with point-of-sale equipment and you need more registers than you actually have space for.

Here are a few solutions to help you make the most of whatever space you have in your pharmacy.

All-in-one – There are a lot of different components to any point-of-sale system. And they can take up more space than they need to when they are all separated out. All-in-one systems combine your computer with a touch screen monitor, and fingerprint reader. It’s a sharp look for your pharmacy counter and a space saver all at once.

Tablets-If you really need an extra register, but don’t have the real estate for it, a tablet is a great option to replace a traditional register. Whether you throw it on a charger out of site and out of mind when it’s not in use or use it on a docking station at the counter, it doesn’t get much smaller than a tablet. With signature capture, bar code scanning and card acceptance rolled into a single device, you get all the functionality while using a fraction of the space.

Small form factor-If you’d like to keep it basic but still need to save some space, a small form factor PC might be the answer. Gone are the days when a giant tower is the only way to get an efficient system. Now, computers the size of a hardcover novel can do the trick.

Mounted solutions– Find creative spaces for necessary peripherals. Mounting a PC or a cash drawer under the counter keeps it out of the way, saving precious counter real estate.

One final thought. Having the right point-of-sale tools doesn’t just mean more space. It also means increased productivity, more efficient staff and happier customers.