What to do with unsold holiday inventory in your independent pharmacy

EIMG_1555.jpgvery year, as soon as the holidays are over, I immediately take down my holiday decorations.  I’m not a Grinch or anything, but once the holiday is done, I like to have a fresh start and move on to the next thing. (And reclaim my living room from all things sparkly.) It seems that retail is much the same way.  By this Saturday morning, festive displays of red and green will have made way for the candy hearts of February and perhaps even the shamrocks of March.

The question is, what to do with unsold holiday products?  Do you put it away for next year? Put it on a clearance shelf to collect dust and hope someone eventually buys it?  Cut your losses and put together a donation for a charitable organization? 

For answers, check out this past blog post on inventory holding costs.    You’ll find some great tips on how to determine the best way to handle unsold seasonal products in your independent pharmacy, and how pharmacy POS can help.