Why Accountability in Pharmacy Partners is so Important

rms-pharmacy-pos-fingerpointing.jpgMy toddlers love bath time.  So much that when I turn the water off every night, they beg for more.  Of course the answer is no, the tub is full enough.  But if I turn my back for even a second however, one of them inevitably tries to turn the knob.  Last night, as I tidied-up the bathroom, I turned just in time to see one little hand retreating from the faucet.  I asked my son Harrison, “Who turned on the water when they weren’t supposed to?”  Oblivious to the fact that I’d caught him, he gave me a guilty look and then said, “Owen,” nodding emphatically as he pointed to his brother.

Of course the blame game is to be expected when you’re talking about a couple of 2 year olds.  But what if when you’re talking about business partners?  It’s no longer an amusing anecdote, but a major concern.  When it comes to a problem in your pharmacy, can you really afford a game of finger pointing?


The answer to that should be a flat no.  You don’t have time to go chasing answers between vendors who should be working together for YOU.  At RMS, this is vitally important because we work with so many different pharmacy system vendors, wholesalers, credit card processors and more.  Sure, our POS system may not be the root cause of a problem you are experiencing, but we’re still going to try our best to help you resolve it.  That means that we’ll take the lead to fix a problem any time we can. When you call our support department, we’ll help diagnose the issue, and sometimes, the issue may not be with our system.  No worry, our policy is that we’ll call your technology vendor, for example, your pharmacy management system, on your behalf,  and work to solve the issue with them.  As a matter of fact, we take this so seriously, it could be grounds for termination of an RMS employee if they tell our customers, “Not our problem, call them.”

Accountability is important to us and we think it makes a major difference to our customers.  Give us a call and find out why.