Why is 10 the Only Passing Score?

RMS_Pharmacy_POS_Excellent_Customer_Service_RatingWhen you make a big purchase, like a car for example, you often get a survey call a week or two later.  Your sales representative will often prepare you for this call in advance.  They’ll let you know that you’ll be receiving the call and that they’ll ask you about your experience and satisfaction on a scale of 1-10.  Then they’ll tell you that for them, 10 is the only passing score. 

But why is that so?  In school, 90 or a 95% is still an A. Sure, it’s not a perfect score and you’ve got some room for improvement, but is it realistic to expect perfection? 

In today’s customer experience driven world, aiming for a 10 really is the best option.  If there’s room for improvement, what’s to stop your customers from shopping around and looking for a better experience elsewhere?

Because the pharmacy industry faces so much competition, the customer experience is vitally important to the success of your pharmacy.  Finding the best ways to get perfection (or as close to it as you can) from your pharmacy staff is key.  This week, take some time to think about where your pharmacy may fall short.  Then stay tuned to the RMS blog later this week for more tips on achieving the best possible customer experience.