Why Memorial Day is Important


Well, here comes Memorial Day again. You remember it, right? It comes between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and it has something to do with soldiers, right? It also signals many other things, since some parks and beaches open full time on Memorial Day, as do many local things, right down to the opening day of our apartment pool!

A lot of Americans are a bit confused by the fact that our country celebrates Veteran’s Day as well as Memorial Day. Aren’t they basically the same?

The answer is no. While Veteran’s Day celebrates everyone that has ever served in the United States armed forces, Memorial Day is far more specific. Memorial Day remembers everyone who lost their lives in service to America. We lower, then raise our flag, as a salute to everyone who made the ultimate sacrifice.

My grandfather served in WWI. My father served in WWII. My older brother and I served during Vietnam. We Howards were lucky. We were able to return home to family, friends, and loved ones, but millions were not that lucky.  Memorial Day is about the millions who never came home. Men, women, children, brothers, sisters, spouses and parents. On this day we memorialize you.

I salute you and thank you for your sacrifice; there is none greater.

Greg Howard
Senior Support Analyst
Retail Management Solutions


RMS has several veterans on staff, including our CEO, Brad Jones.  From our family to yours, please enjoy today, and let’s never forget the sacrifices our military makes for our freedom.