Why you Might Need Pharmacy POS to Meet your 2016 Goals

goals-what-are-they-rms-pharmacy-pos.jpgEarlier this week I shared an article on some ways to find the motivation you need to achieve your goals.   Motivation is a big piece of the puzzle when it comes to meeting the goals that you set for yourself and your pharmacy business.   

But what comes next? It’s not like knowing what your goals are and having the motivation to accomplish them means you can wave a magic wand and have everything be done.  Especially in the world of independent pharmacy, change takes work, and sometimes investment.  It’s worth it in the end, but it’s certainly not something you can do without help.  Here are a few things you’ll need to have, or know how to find, as you create your roadmap for 2016. 

Reports:  Comprehensive reporting capabilities are a must have for any independent pharmacy.  They help you know where you started, understand where you are now, and allow you to better judge where you need to get to.  No matter what goal you set for your pharmacy, if you don’t know and understand the metrics behind it, you’re not likely to succeed.  Philosopher George Santayana is known for saying that “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  We can easily apply this to understanding our business metrics.  If you don’t know the numbers behind your business for yesterday, last month, or last year, then you have little to no hope of improving upon those numbers.

Tools:  Any improvement in business is likely going to mean utilizing a new tool. These tools can come in many different forms.  For example, if your goal is improving the customer experience, you may need to add checkout lanes or consider adding a curbside pickup service. If you want to reduce customer attrition, you’ll need to add an integrated customer loyalty program.  If you’re looking to manage your inventory better, you could need software and hardware to help you in that endeavor.   

Advice:  It’s okay if you find yourself at a loss for next steps.  That’s where your vendor partners should come in.  If you know what you’re looking to accomplish, just call them.  They may have a tool that you can use, or know of someone who does.  Following the publications of some pharmacy industry experts is always a good idea as well.  Check out this list from PDS of the 3 best pharmacy blogs to follow (and we’re flattered to be among them!).  

The last question you have to ask yourself is if you are aligned with partners who can help you in all of these areas.  For some of you, the answer may be no.   The good news is that it’s likely that RMS can help.  Because pharmacy POS is all we do, our solutions are tailored for the needs of independent and institutional pharmacies.  Give us a chance to help you meet your goals. 

Please share below what goals are you setting for yourself this year!  I look forward to reading them!