Why Your Pharmacy POS System Should be as Unique as Your Pharmacy


pharmacy POS as unique as your pharmacy

If someone were to ask you if your pharmacy business could be replaced, what would you say? “Sure, just drop in any old pharmacy in this spot and my customers absolutely won’t notice!” Not a chance right? Because your business is unique and the relationships you build with patients are powerful.

There is always an aspect of every independent pharmacy business that is unlike any other. Which means that every pharmacy will be faced with distinctive challenges and have individual needs.

This also means that the solutions for these challenges are not one size fits all. And they never have been. But many pharmacies struggle with point-of-sale systems that expect them to be like every other pharmacy – not adding value beyond the ability to process customer payments. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Pharmacy point-of-sale systems can offer robust integrations with pharmacy system providers, bin-management solutions, nutrient depletion programs, payment processing options, and more. All while helping you actually solve the problems facing your pharmacy and getting you the tools you need to achieve the outcomes you are looking for. 

Instead of putting all of your eggs in one basket, here are a few reasons to consider point-of-sale as its own solution, rather than an afterthought or add on. 

POS is not just a payment center. If it was, all you’d need is a calculator and a card swipe. Point-of-sale can do so much more for your pharmacy. From addressing compliance and regulatory issues, to increasing patient adherence and improving patient wellness. Not to mention reducing customer attrition, streamlining inventory management… You get the idea. If there’s a challenge you’re facing in your pharmacy, point-of-sale can likely help get you through it. 

Flexibility matters. Your pharmacy may evolve over time. And your needs will change as well. If you have a single system that does everything, any change you find necessary will mean starting from scratch. That means higher cost, more disruption to your business and a higher learning curve for your staff. There’s no need to go through all of that if you choose a point-of-sale system that works with wide range of industry vendors, including over 30 pharmacy management systems. 

Expertise is important. Most solutions that include point-of-sale started out as a pharmacy system. Point-of-sale came later, as an additional feature.Therein lies the problem: POS shouldn’t be a feature set. Instead, think of your POS system as a problem solver – an expert in the customer experience and pharmacy business management. Expertise is earned with focus and dedication which is much easier to find when you work with a point-of-sale partner solely focused in retail pharmacy. 

Proven track record. In our 21-year history, less than 1% of RMS customers have moved to other providers due to dissatisfaction. We’re pretty proud of that statistic.