Case Studies

Health Partners: A Customer Solution Case Study

“Prior to Star-Link implementation, pricing updates and product additions to the cash register were challenging. Now we are able to ensure our products are being sold for a profit and we are able to manage our sales by replacing products without sales with products that will sell.”

Skywalk Pharmacy: Improving Patient Discharge and Waiting Times

“With the handheld point-of-sale device [EvolutionPOS], my team will be able to go up to the room, provide one-on-one consultations, ring people out, and make sure they have all of the documentation and capture signatures all in one place. It not only makes life easier for the patient, but also for the pharmacy if we’re audited.”
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Sav-Rite Family Pharmacy

Learn how this pharmacy has increased customer satisfaction by implementing EvolutionPOS at their drive-thru!

Speeding up customer check-out can often be a challenge in a busy pharmacy.  And in the case of Sav-Rite, multiple drive-thrus increases the challenge.  Historically, managing a drive-thru checkout in a pharmacy has not been an easy task when you need to get patient signatures for credit cards, HIPPA, and prescription acknowledgement. Learn how our latest mobile pharmacytechnology, EvolutionPOS, was able to help them improve their customer service by:

  • Speeding up workflow
  • Enhancing customer service
  • Improving customer drive-thru experience

Huntsville Hospital

Learn how the 6th largest publicly owned hospital system uses RMS’ technologies to reduce readmission rates and the risk of Medicare fines while increasing prescription revenue

Studies show that one of the major reasons for readmission within the 30 days after discharge is non-compliance with prescription medication. Doctors find that patients often fail to pick up the medication in a timely manner or in many cases not at all. Additionally, caregivers often pick up the prescription on behalf of the patient and the counseling on adherance never makes it to the patient or specific instructions are lost in translation. Ultimately, these failures result in non-compliance with medication and the patient ends up back in the hospital. Using RMS’ technologies, learn how Huntsville Hospital is:

  • Reducing 30 day readmissions
  • Reducing the risk of Medicare fines for readmittance rates
  • Increasing discharge prescription revenue
  • Improving patient care at time of discharge

Stultz Pharmacy

Using RMS’ EvolutionPOS mobile device, Stultz Pharmacy demonstrates that having the flexibility to ring a customer up virtually anywhere can help run a business, even in the most dire of circumstances!

Because of their quick thinking in a time of crisis, Stultz Pharmacy was awarded AmerisourceBergen’s 2015 Community Care Award!

St. Paul Corner Drug: Independent Pharmacy Increases Monthly Supplement Sales 233% in Four Months

At a margin tipping 50 percent, John Hoeschen’s Ortho Molecular Products sales now translate to a $5,000 proft per month, which equates to over $1,000 per week, just by adding the Digital Replete interface to his RMS Point-of-Sale system. And, he didn’t increase his prescription volume!

Briarmill Pharmacy: An AmerisourceBergen Case Study

“On the recommendation of AmerisourceBergen, Briarmill Pharmacy reviewed a couple of Good Neighbor Pharmacy Select Vendors and chose to implement the Retail Management Solutions POS system, which easily integrated with their existing pharmacy management system.”