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February 6th, 2021

MedSync and Important Tax Season Info
Medication Synchronization for Every Pharmacy

Prepare to be motivated! Pharmacist, pharmacy owner and medication synchronization pioneer Bob Lomenick shares the secret sauce for running a successful pharmacy business, and still making it to every family dinner and little league game. 

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Pandemic Relief and Legislation- What You Need to Know

Scotty Sykes from Sykes and Company P.A. shares information about important changes that occurred in 2020 and what pharmacies need to know about pandemic relief and legislation this tax season. This is a great session for pharmacy owners to watch ASAP! 

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After CLIMB with Brad Jones – RMS Inventory Management

The key to higher pharmacy profits might just be in how you manage your front end. Find out how RMS’ powerful inventory management solution can help you maximize profitability in your pharmacy when you watch this RMS product deep dive. 

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January 14th, 2021

January was Clinical Services month!
Expert Insights on Clinical Services – A Panel Discussion

See this amazing panel discussion featuring Amina Abubakar, Blair Thielemier and Jim Cammarata. There’s something for every pharmacy to learn. 

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Seize the Day – A New Day and New Possibilities 

Pam Piotrowski, Product Manager for TRC healthcare, discusses the opportunities created through clinical services and provides valuable insight on taking next steps. 

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After CLIMB Special – Sales and Profit Analysis Reporting

This might just be the most valuable report in the RMS system. What can you learn from it? Watch this special tutorial from RMS CEO Brad Jones. 

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December 10th, 2020

Recordings from our December webinar featuring a panel on Covid-19 Vaccination
The Covid-19 Vaccine – What Pharmacies Need to Know

We’re joined by a panel of pharmacists and compliance expert Jeff Hedges to talk about the Covid-19 Vaccine and what pharmacies need to know when getting ready to administer.

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Live a Thousand Years – The Big Reset

Giovanni Livera gives an inspiring presentation on balancing our lives and finding motivation to achieve our goals. Get ready to reset with Giovanni. 

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To Hold or Not to Hold?

Brad Jones talks clearance sales, inventory holding costs, sunk costs and more. Learn how to make the most of every product in your pharmacy. 

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November 12, 2020

Recordings from our November webinar including probiotics, nutrient depletion, and a special panel on Medicare open enrollment.
Full November Webinar

Get the full CLIMB experience. See the November CLIMB Webinar from beginning to end!

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Customer-Centric Care – Probiotics 

Join Chris Cornelison to learn how probiotics can be a game changer for your pharmacy. Improving patient outcomes and boosting profits.

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Point-of-Service Based Drug Induced Nutrient Depletion

Brad Jones and TRC Healthcare Product Manager Pam Piotrowski talk about the benefits of POS based supplement recommendations in an interview hosted by Giovanni Livera.

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Medicare Open Enrollment

Safeguard your profits and help your patients. Our expert panel discusses how to make the most out of Open Enrollment in your pharmacy. 

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Charitable Giving 101

Learn some ways to incorporate charitable giving into your every day business model with RMS founder & CEO Brad Jones

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November Q&A

All of the guests from our November Webinar take audience questions on Open Enrollment, Nutrient Depletion, Checkout Charity and more. 

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October 22nd

All the recordings and materials from our very first CLIMB Summit featuring every core tenet.

Join the CLIMB Movement – Opening Keynote

RMS CEO Brad Jones discusses how you can use CLIMB to become a more profitable and customer-centric pharmacy.

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How Challenge Becomes Your Biggest Opportunity

Business coach and author Patti Mara shares insight on how to innovate using data and unlock the goldmine in your pharmacy.

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Up Solutions to Leverage Drug Induced Nutrient Depletion

Pharmacist and entrepreneur Chris Cornelison talks nutrient depletion and ways to improve both patient care and profitability.

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Compliance, Contingencies and Covid

Becky Templeton with RJ Hedges & Associates talks the latest compliance updates and how to plan for the unexpected in your pharmacy.

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Contingency planning worksheet, CLIA waiver supplement,  Top 5 in compliance, 9 steps to starting an immunization program

Cracking the Code to Unleash Your Team’s Potential

Certified Business Growth Specialist Terri Norvell gives you the keys to accomplishing your goals through leadership.

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Prioritizing Professional and Personal Goals

What’s the most valuable currency you have? According to Chief Wondermaker Giovanni Livera, it’s TIME.

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