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CLIMB Virtual Summit by RMS

November 12, 2020

8-9am Pacific

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Care is at the foundation of every pharmacy. Care for patients, staff, and community. Learn how to approach this concept in brand new ways and strengthen the bonds your pharmacy has built. 


Leadership takes many different forms. Every member of the pharmacy team has the capacity to build leadership skills. Learn how to take the concept of leadership beyond traditional perception and lead not just a pharmacy team, but an entire community. 


Change is opportunity, and innovation is the way to seize that opportunity. Learn how to create innovation in every customer interaction. From unique services to new technology


Simply believing that we can achieve something is half of the battle. Before we can figure out the how, we have to understand the why. That’s where motivation comes into play. Discover how to motivate your team, reframe challenges, and look at your pharmacy business from a new perspective


When the juggling act played between business, family and community seems to overwhelm us, stop juggling and learn to balance instead. Find out how investing in team, technology, and education can teach this fundamental, but often overlooked skill.

Upcoming CLIMB Speakers

Don't miss hearing from these industry experts!

Chris Cornelison

Pharmacist, entrepreneur

Chris Cornelison graduated with a BS in pharmacy from the University of Mississippi in 1998.  He has a wife Janet, and two children Alex and Megan. Chris owns 3 independent pharmacies and Solutions Rx, a vitamin and supplement company that is in over 500 independent pharmacies across the nation.

Solutions Rx was created from a lack of education and products for patients suffering from Drug Induced Nutrient Depletion. Chris has spent the last decade educating pharmacies in his classes Front-End Profit Ignitor, Pharmacy Profit Ignitor, Solutions Rx Champions Course on Drug Induced Nutrient Depletion and many other techniques to produce profits for pharmacies while making people healthier. 

The team at SolutionsRx have trained over 500 pharmacists, technicians, customer service, and managers and have gone to over 20 independent pharmacies across the nation to implement Chris’s techniques.  He has a unique understanding of how to motivate teams to impact their patient’s for compliance outcomes as well as helping patients live their healthiest lives. 

Brad Jones

Founder, RMS

Brad Jones’ lifelong passion for pharmacy began in his parents drug store in Westport Washington. His dad will tell you that his career in management began somewhere around the age of 12, when he taped lines on the floor of the stockroom and charged a fine to anyone putting boxes in the wrong place. 

Brad graduated from the United States Air Force Academy, where he was a pilot and instructor. Upon retirement from service, the world of pharmacy, once again called. By this time it was clear that pharmacies were getting the short end of the stick when it came to technology and specifically point-of-sale. There was a gap that needed to be filled, and that’s exactly what Brad did. 

In 1998, Brad founded Retail Management Solutions and remains the President & CEO to this day.  Through the years, Brad has helped customers find success through innovative point-of-service solutions. Following his leadership, RMS pioneered the first pharmacy system interfaces, creating an industry standard that would thrive for years to come. RMS also created the first meds-to-beds solution in the industry. 

Brad loves to come to work every day and is proud of the family of employees and customers he has built at RMS. His expertise both as a business leader and in the pharmacy industry is matched by his commitment to helping pharmacies succeed.