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CLIMB Virtual Summit by RMS

April 8th

8-9am Pacific
Building a more profitable and customer-centric pharmacy business starts here.

Take charge of your pharmacy profitability with expert Robbie Stokes as he explores how to help pharmacies improve gross profit margin. 

April 8th

We’re excited to welcome Robbie Stokes from Lifeline Rx Solutions to CLIMB! Robbie will be talking about how you can increase your gross profit margin. We’ll also be opening up the floor so that you can ask Robbie and RMS CEO Brad Jones your pharmacy profitability questions. 


May 13th

-We’re so excited to welcome Terri Norvell back to CLIMB for a panel discussion all about leadership

– A special discussion all about Meds-to-beds

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Robbie Stokes

President & CEO - Lifeline Rx Solutions

Robbie and his wife Angela Stokes owned and operated Northside Family Pharmacy for 18 years . Their pharmacy sold 400 prescriptions per day, with 650 compliance packaging patients.

Like many pharmacies, shrinking profit margins represented a continuing struggle. When they made the decision to sell their store, their pharmacy operated at a gross profit margin of 17.5%. After a year of hard work, trial and error, they were able to raise their GPM to 23.6%. 

Today, Robbie’s mission is to share the lessons and strategies he learned to help pharmacies drastically improve their gross profit margin.

Robbie believes there is no finer time to be in the pharmacy business than right now as long as you can learn, adapt and overcome. Join Robbie to find out how. 

Brad Jones

RMS Founder & CEO

Brad’s lifelong passion for pharmacy began in his parents drug store in Westport Washington where he grew up and worked until departing to attend the United States Air Force Academy. He went on to become a C-141 pilot and eventually a T-37 instructor pilot. 

Eventually, the world of pharmacy called again and Brad soon recognized a need in the pharmacy industry.  In 1998  Brad founded Retail Management Solutions. Embarking on a journey to help pharmacies be more profitable and more customer-centric. Leveraging technology based tools and expert training to help pharmacy businesses succeed. RMS pioneered the pharmacy system integrations, creating a standard that remains in use to this day. RMS customers were also the first pharmacies in the country to be able to capture signatures electronically.

Today, Brad continues to lead RMS in their mission to make every pharmacy more profitable and customer centric. This mission forms the foundation for the CLIMB Webinar Series. 


Care is at the foundation of every pharmacy. Care for patients, staff, and community. Learn how to approach this concept in brand new ways and strengthen the bonds your pharmacy has built. 


Leadership takes many different forms. Every member of the pharmacy team has the capacity to build leadership skills. Learn how to take the concept of leadership beyond traditional perception and lead not just a pharmacy team, but an entire community. 


Change is opportunity, and innovation is the way to seize that opportunity. Learn how to create innovation in every customer interaction. From unique services to new technology


Simply believing that we can achieve something is half of the battle. Before we can figure out the how, we have to understand the why. That’s where motivation comes into play. Discover how to motivate your team, reframe challenges, and look at your pharmacy business from a new perspective


When the juggling act played between business, family and community seems to overwhelm us, stop juggling and learn to balance instead. Find out how investing in team, technology, and education can teach this fundamental, but often overlooked skill.