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February 6th, 2020

Medication Synchronization for Every Pharmacy

Prepare to be motivated! Pharmacist, pharmacy owner and medication synchronization pioneer Bob Lomenick shares the secret sauce for running a successful pharmacy business, and still making it to every family dinner and little league game. 

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Pandemic Relief and Legislation- What You Need to Know

Scotty Sykes from Sykes and Company P.A. shares information about important changes that occurred in 2020 and what pharmacies need to know about pandemic relief and legislation this tax season. This is a great session for pharmacy owners to watch ASAP! 

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After CLIMB with Brad Jones – RMS Inventory Management

The key to higher pharmacy profits might just be in how you manage your front end. Find out how RMS’ powerful inventory management solution can help you maximize profitability in your pharmacy when you watch this RMS product deep dive. 

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January 14, 2020

Expert Insights on Clinical Services – A Panel Discussion

See this amazing panel discussion featuring Amina Abubakar, Blair Thielemier and Jim Cammarata. There’s something for every pharmacy to learn. 

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Seize the Day – A New Day and New Possibilities 

Pam Piotrowski, Product Manager for TRC healthcare, discusses the opportunities created through clinical services and provides valuable insight on taking next steps. 

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After CLIMB Special – Sales and Profit Analysis Reporting

This might just be the most valuable report in the RMS system. What can you learn from it? Watch this special tutorial from RMS CEO Brad Jones. 

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