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A mobile pharmacy POS station in your hands! Your Next Cash Register Shouldn’t Look Like a Cash Register

Sales transactions no longer need to be tied to a counter or check stand. A better way to provide efficient, effective customer service is to handle payment, tracking and other pharmacy point of sale system functions from a portable transaction terminal. That’s exactly what EvolutionPOS for Pharmacy, our mobile pharmacy POS solution does.

Unprecedented Convenience

Merchants of all types are finding advantages in making point-of-sale capabilities portable within their enterprises. Nowhere is this more important than in pharmacy, where the quality of customer service and efficiency are strong contributors to customer loyalty.

Use of customer’s time – Expedites the process of finding all prescriptions for a given patient. Clarifies that the pharmacist, technician or clerk is focused on helping a specific customer until the transaction is completed. Reduces customer perceptions that the health care system repeatedly asks them for redundant information and payment steps.

Documentation – Provides you with immediately accessible transaction documentation. Electronic signature capture makes payer audits more efficient, requiring less of your time.

Merchandise handling – Automate merchandise replenishment, providing you with a rich set of management tools and push-button reporting of the status of your business.*

The flexibility that EvolutionPOS provides gives pharmacies the unprecedented ability to ring a sale up:

  • At the pharmacy counter
  • Within the store aisle while talking with a patient
  • At the patient counseling area
  • At curbside for convenient pickup
  • At a flu-shot table
  • At a sidewalk sale
  • And for outpatient pharmacies, at patient bedside during discharge


Front-End Functions

The next generation point-of-sale system places all the register functions right in your hands. Scanner, card terminal, printer, electronic signature capture, receipts and more. The handheld, touch-screen terminals communicate with your POS server, immediately, wirelessly and securely. Many functions are available with EvolutionPOS, including:

Enables Robust Management Tools

Your transactions and data captured with EvolutionPOS are the root of effective pharmacy monitoring and management. You can choose our Star-Lite or Star-Plus back-office systems to provide real-time transaction reporting and trends, as well as inventory management and ordering efficiencies.*

Integrated credit card swiping

Rx Barcode Scanning

Receipt printing via mobile bluetooth receipt printer or email

Health program cards (FSA/HSA)

Patient counseling

Electronic signature capture

Cash, Check, and Credit Card payment methods

Customer (house) charge accounts

Scenario: Independent Pharmacy

A patient walks into your pharmacy to pick up prescriptions. Instead of a check stand, you have a clear, unencumbered counter for customer service and counseling. You pick up the EvolutionPOS handheld unit and walk to your Rx will-call area.

The screen shows that the patient has three prescriptions available. As you pick each from will call, you scan its barcode. At that point the screen reports “1 Remaining,” you are not finding it in will call, so you press that line on the screen, and it displays the RX NUMBER, DATE & TIME FILLED, & BIN LOCATION. The screen indicates that particular script is in the refrigerator.

Once you gather the prescriptions, you return to the patient and ask if he/she needs anything else. The patient hands you two OTC items which you scan. You press “Finalize,” and swipe the customer’s credit card. You confirm this with the patient and press OK. The signature screen appears, and you hand
the device to the customer for an authorizing signature. He/she hands it back, and you press OK to complete the transaction. Alternate forms of payment are easily accommodated, by swiping FSA cards, taking
cash or check, or even applying the purchase to a house account.

Scenario: Outpatient Pharmacy

Hospitals lose pharmacy business every day because inpatients leave without having their discharge scripts filled. The results are reduced patient compliance, elevated risk of recurrence and readmission, and lost revenue and margins.

Capturing those lost prescriptions requires a shift in pharmacy workflow and service procedures. EvolutionPOS for Pharmacy makes it practical to deliver go-home medications promptly, at the bedside.

Using the handheld terminal, your pharmacy technician or pharmacist takes the dispensed scripts to the patient’s room just prior to discharge. As with other hospital specialty departments, outpatient pharmacy becomes another professional service provider arriving at the patient’s room.

Items are verified with barcode scans. Home usage explanations or counseling are provided and documented. Payment is received and patient or family signature captured. A detailed receipt is printed on the spot.

Throughout this patient-service episode, the EvolutionPOS terminal communicates its secured, encrypted data in real time, across your hospital wireless network. For security purposes, the handheld then wipes the data, so your patient and credit data never exists on the handheld except for during the transaction.

Reduce Readmission Rates

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