RMS | Nutrient Depletion

Ortho Molecular Products’ Digital Replete Program Interface

Due to many customer requests, RMS is excited to offer a FREE interface to Ortho Molecular Products’ Digital Replete Program!  This interface is designed to improve patient outcomes, while increasing pharmacy margins and profitability.

Nearly 50% of all adults take at least one prescription medication. These medications often lead to the depletion of critical nutrients. The Digital Replete Program is the solution to help pharmacists address drug-induced nutrient depletion in patients.

The interface is simple, yet intuitive.  When you scan a prescription at the POS station, your clerk or pharmacy tech may be alerted that certain medications in the prescription may deplete the patient of certain critical nutrients.  The pharmacy staff then can suggest certain supplements to the patient to offset these negative side-effects.  

Here’s an example of what the clerk would see at the register once a prescription is scanned:


Again, many commonly prescribed medications can cause drug-induced nutrient depletion. RMS can help you identify
these potential nutrient depletions, offer pertinent nutrient depletion information, and display a supplement recommendation all at the time the prescription is picked up, right on the POS screen!

The results are at least 3 fold:

  1. Improved patient outcomes
  2. Enhanced trust in the pharmacy
  3. Increased margins, and ultimately store profit

Here’s actual 2016 sales numbers from one of our test customers:

This RMS customer expanded their Ortho Molecular Products supplement line in April. He fills about 250 Rx/day. He was averaging around $3,000 a month in Ortho Molecular Products supplement sales prior to implementation. Once he installed the Digital Replete solution in July, sales took off!

Bottomline: At a margin tipping 50 percent, their Ortho Molecular Products sales now translate to a $5,000 profit per month, which equates to over $1,000 per week, just by adding the Digital Replete interface to his RMS Point-of-Sale system. And, they didn’t increase their prescription volume!! 


Contact us today about how you can take advantage of this free add-on module* to both RMS’ Star-Lite and Star-Plus point-of-sale solutions.