SafeSign by RMS

SafeSIgn by RMS

Secure, contactless signature capture

The signature pad is perhaps one of the highest touch customer facing surfaces in your pharmacy. In order to keep patients and staff safe, reducing contact and touch points is recommended. SafeSign effectively minimizes contact by removing this touch point from the interaction. 

Using SafeSign, patients can sign for prescriptions, HIPAA, Safety Caps and more through an easy to use, intuitive process initiated on their smart phone via SMS or Email messaging. There are  no specialty apps, and no per transaction or per signature fees for you.

Signature Capture- No Disinfectant Necessary

The SafeSign application uses a patient’s own smart phone to capture required signatures. It was designed to minimize handling of point-of-sale equipment during the checkout process.  Any signature that may be required during a transaction can be captured through the SafeSign application.

Flexibility for Every Patient’s Needs

SafeSign can be initiated through email or text to a customers smart phone. Customers can also use a QR code to access their signature requests if they do not wish to share contact information. And you can always revert back to standard signature capture processes any time you need to. 

No Extra Steps or Paper Signatures

Signatures captured through the SafeSign application are processed, transmitted and retained according to normal store processes. No extra steps. No paper logs. No missing signatures during audit.