Changing Your Culture Can Grow Your Pharmacy Business!

It all started when our President & CEO, Brad Jones, posted an innocent news article about how standing, and not sitting, for even a short amount of time every day could make you healthier, happier and more efficient.  The article, shared on our employee network, received a record number of responses.  It seemed that without anyone knowing it, practically every employee at RMS was anxious for an opportunity to become healthier. 

RMS POS Fitness initiative and Yammer

In short order, the first stand-up desk had arrived at RMS, and it wasn’t long after that our company forum became flooded with fitness articles, tips for healthy eating and encouragement from our co-workers to meet our health and fitness goals. 

The important thing here however, is not necessarily our health initiative at RMS, but the application that allowed us to take one news article and turn it into a cultural shift within our company.   For the last 6 months, RMS has been utilizing an enterprise level social application for internal communication, called Yammer.  With employees spread across 4 time zones, we simply didn’t have an efficient way to share and collaborate on topics like employee health, or bring staff together from different parts of the country to develop new solutions.

So why am I telling you this? Because the same application that’s brought such dramatic change to RMS, will soon be available for RMS customers.  RMS will soon release the RMS Customer Forum, where you’ll be able to connect, collaborate and share with other RMS customers from around the country.   As we discovered so quickly when we adopted Yammer, there are boundless possibilities for innovation and collaboration. 

Here are just a few of the things you’ll be able to do with Yammer:

  • Post an article that interests you and ask for input from other independent pharmacies.
  • Collaborate on a new idea with pharmacies that share your goals.
  • Share a better way of doing something that could help others.
  • Ask a question to receive answers and feedback from other pharmacies and from RMS staff.
  • Get involved with like-minded pharmacies.
  • Access exclusive content from RMS.
  • …and so much more

We are so excited to be offering this new program, and at no cost to you!  We truly believe that working together can create stronger independent pharmacies and we hope you’ll take advantage of this unique opportunity.  Stay tuned to the RMS Point-of-Sale Point-of-View (RMS POS POV) and watch your email for more details.