How to Use Technology To Increase the Engagement of Your Pharmacy Employees

rms-pharmacy-pos-customer-service-attitude.jpgEarlier this week, we all learned that many employees aren’t engaged at work.  Employees who aren’t enthusiastic about their work can’t engage with your customers and provide the excellent service that you need them to deliver.  For smaller businesses trying to compete, poor customer service means an end to growth and a future that doesn’t look to bright.   

Luckily along, with the unhappy statistic that 51% of employees are not engaged, there were some great tips that you can use to get your pharmacy employees excited about work.  Sharing your vision, encouraging collaboration, and demonstrating a little trust are great ways to get your employees engaged.  But what about keeping them engaged?  The simple answer is it takes a little more to make sure your employees stay interested and motivated.  A few tweaks here and there won’t be enough to create a culture of employee engagement in your pharmacy.  It takes a lot of ongoing work and commitment from pharmacy management.  The good news? Pharmacy technology, when used properly, can actually help to keep your employees happy and motivated.  Here are 3 ways pharmacy technology can help you achieve a higher level of engaged, happier employees.

More autonomy – A good pharmacy POS system will allow you to restrict the actions of employees.  While at first glance it may not seem like this increases autonomy, it actually will allow your employees to take the reins a little more.  They’ll know that the system will stop them if there’s something they aren’t’ supposed to do, like change a price or process a refund.  Knowing precisely where the boundaries are is a good thing, especially in a pharmacy where boundaries can be vital. And as cited in the article we shared earlier in the week, “When people don’t have to look over their shoulder, or wonder if they’re good enough, they discover the freedom to do what they do, and do it well”.   

Increased confidence – An employee who isn’t confident is never going to be fully engaged.  Part of being confident in a position is, of course, having the knowledge and skill set to preform necessary duties.  Another part of building and maintaining confidence in any given role is having the right tools to excel.  Having a POS system in your pharmacy means you have streamlined workflows.  Everything an employee does within that system is part of a process that’s been built to ensure maximum efficiency. This means that your employees can do their job well without fear of missing a step or doing something wrong. 

Sharing a passion – Sharing a passion with peers and management is a great start to being engaged at work. But it also helps if that passion is reflected in the partnerships you nurture as a part of your pharmacy business. At RMS, we are proud to support strong community pharmacies all over the country and it only increases our dedication when we get to work with engaged, passionate pharmacy owners and their staff. We believe that our dedication and focus on the pharmacy industry helps to make our customers more successful and profitable, and we know that choosing the right business partners truly can make a big difference.  

What ways do you increase employee egagement in you pharmacy?  Tell me in the comments section below.